About ASAP

The mission of Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness (ASAP) is to educate and empower everyone with the knowledge and practical techniques necessary to survive in the event of an intruder, active shooter, or other terror attack.

Surviving an active shooter threat begins by having a plan! It’s factual and unfortunate that more active shooter situations continue to rise in our country and around the world. But it’s also correct to suggest that we can raise awareness and develop a plan for survival during an active shooter threat. In recent incidents, having some form of training on awareness and preparedness proved to have saved lives. A basic understanding is better than not having a plan at all, because where life is at risk, ignorance is disadvantageous. And while you won’t always be able to eliminate the risks, you can reduce the negative results by knowing how to prepare yourself and how to avoid unforeseen dangers where first responders and emergency personnel aren’t readily available.

Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness (ASAP) is an education program that focuses on how to survive an active shooter situation by having a plan; how to recognize the signs of a potential threat, and what practical life saving steps to take during an active threat situation.


Sean Mahabir is the Founder and Senior Instructor of Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness, LLC. He has more than 19 years of experience as a law enforcement officer and currently works in the Special Operations Division of a large municipal Police Department. Sean works closely with the United States Secret Service regarding high level Dignitary visits. He has collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Active Shooter presentations. Sean has been certified by the State of Florida Attorney Generals Office as a CPTED Practitioner (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and is also certified by the American Crime Prevention Institute and the National Institute of Crime Prevention to conduct security threat assessments of businesses, houses of worship and schools.

Throughout his career, Sean has been a Hostage Negotiator, Community Officer of the Year, and recently received an Excellent Service Award for the emergency preparation and planning of large diplomatic and military events, presidential visits, large-scale hurricane deployments and municipal events. Sean is also the creator of the state award-winning Tampa Business Watch Program. As a result of his vast law enforcement training, years of experience and passion for safety education, Sean is a dynamic instructor led to facilitate his specialized knowledge to audiences with practical scenarios critical for understanding how to survive a potential active shooter threat. Sean has conducted approximately 300+ active shooter presentations and planning and preparation discussions.